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Floating thoughts of a 22 year-old lass. Simple, laidback and carefree.

"i live to inspire. i write to express"

DISCLAIMER: All photos are mine unless otherwise stated.


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Office 1 by ikaempleo featuring leather bagsProenza Schouler , $235 / Skinny jeans / ASOS ballet flat / Leather bag, $2,710 / Anne Klein

Proenza Schouler , $235 / Skinny jeans / ASOS ballet flat / Leather bag, $2,710 / Anne Klein
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watch by ikaempleo featuring michael kors watchesMichael Kors  watch / Puma

Michael Kors watch / Puma
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seize the day

new blog post here.

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Happy 8th to us, love.

Happy 8th to us, love.

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I was inspired by the lamp in the first photo to make an outfit post.

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I was privileged to cover a friend’s wedding. These are some of the photos I took. 

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friends in red

I maybe the worst person on earth to someone but to these couple I felt worst still. haha kidding. I just want to share to you all that these were some of the many people whom I’am so much grateful for. Love these two so much. <3 

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candy mag feature

Hello everyone. Check out my candy mag feature last August. Here are some of the screen shots i took. 

Click here for the link.

Thank You to Ms. Roch Vergara of Candy Mag for the feature. :D

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far from where you’ve been

So, I am so back from my blogging hiatus! I have lots of ideas in mind and I am so excited to put them into reality. 

This is fun shot I made months ago with people close to my heart. Nothing beats the fun and excitement being with them. 

Models: Gem Coyoca and Jacque Oliva

Clothes and Accesories: Model owned

Photo and PP: Me

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First of all I would like to say sorry for blogging less lately. My life was in turmoil and now I’m in the process of fixing it and hopefully it will all turn out good real soon. On the other hand, I would like to thank my new followers and to my old followers I couldn’t thank you enough. 

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runaway train


ohhh i miss these pretty ladies! <3 The title of this blog post is just the song I’ve been listening a lot lately. =) (missing marga and orycel too)

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hopes, hearts and dreams

[ white chiffon top- your vintage shoppe; floral vintage shorts-borrowed from a friend; nude wedges- Wade; pink bow belt- thrifted ]

[ random accessories from random places ]

When we speak of vintage, the things that comes to our mind are old, dusty, dirty and loose thread. But I, when I hear vintage, I hear love, excitement and most specially HAPPINESS! <3 I don’t really know why I love vintage but eversince I got an account on weheartit.com I was attached and I so so got addicted to it.

I hope you like my look! <3

The shorts is owned by my friend Debbie. We may have lots of fuss and misunderstandings but she will always be my friend. <3

On another note, I had done a charity work! It really felt good to help others. Thanks to my friend Java who made that all possible. I also met new friends Carla and Naomi who were so friendly and jolly! :)

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[ dreamcatcher ] ikaempleo.tumblr.com

[ dreamcatcher ] ikaempleo.tumblr.com

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